Red Bear

Red Bear

What is Red Bear?

Red Bear is a dedicated company of the ASEE Group, formed to deliver Technology expertise and high-end solutions to Data Centre Construction Projects and high spec ICT deployments throughout Europe. Red Bear was created through discussions with our clients, and their need to have better competition in the marketplace for the key services they need. Whether this be Hyperscale deployments, Mini Clusters or Upgrades on existing sites.

Our Promise

Large scale performance delivered through experience, integrity and diligent minds


Specialising in design, procurement, delivery and handover of seamless ICT solutions for Hyperscale, Edge  and Colocation Data Centers 


Bridging the gap between client needs and construction needs, resulting in a superior experience and a  more successful end productuct


Our Team have completed network/IT campus rollouts for some major market investors throughout the Nordics and Mainland  Europe spanning a 10 year period. 

We are incredibly proud to have led the design/development/programming of these unique and complex Technical spaces. We  have grown a team that not only understands our clients corporate standards and delivery expectations but a team that are  willing to challenge the current market on how we construct, design and build data centers. 

We have undertaken some of best work when integrating closely with Client stakeholders and this approach has allowed us to  stay dynamic, relevant and embrace regular technology cut-ins 

The RedBear teams strength is that we understand how Network/IT has evolved from a traditional standard Copper/Fiber installs  to a solution that requires background experience in design, coordination, management and scheduling of all Network  supporting services 

Core Competencies: 

  • Network Room design development 
  • Network Room fit-out – cable trays, racks, grounding, busbar 
  • Outside Plant & Inside Plant fiber deployment 
  • Bulk Fibre fusion splice and test to client config files 
  • Network roll-out and Office fit-out
  • Bundle Fibre deployment run in cable conveyance

What we can do for you

Red Bear Tech have built a good understanding of the requirements of a Data Centre; our growing number of clients  have chosen Red Bear for our Experience, Quality Standards, Speed of installation, safety Record and proven track record  of excellence in delivery and handover of client space. 

Red Bear Tech; Client Engagement options: 

  • White Space Fit Out. Including Turnkey Solutions for our clients with the Aid of our parent company, ASEE Ltd • Consultancy Services and Project Management options for our clients.  
  • Installation of ICT Infrastructure, including OSP, ISP, Bundled Fiber, Security, BMS, PMS, Fire Alarm, Network  Equipment Rack & Stack, DAS, GPS, Long Haul Fibre 
  • Network infrastructure Upgrades and ongoing maintenance. 
  • Design and Procurement Options  

The services we provide

Raceway Infrastructure Systems – Raceways/Pathways allow the placement of data centre trunk cables and  cross-connect cables between racks and cabinets. 

Structured Cabling – a planned cabling system that systematically set your fundamental communication mediums. This  includes video,multimedia, voice, data security and control for the present and the future 

Fiber Optic Cabling – all types of multimode and single mode, both armoured and non-armoured. Our engineers will  install the fibre cabling following best practices to ensure optimum cable performance is achieved, whether in ducts, up  risers, suspended containment or direct buried. 

Patching Frame Systems – patching is to provide a simple cable loom support with the maximum accessibility together with a patch panel mounting facility 

Pre-terminated Solutions – pre-terminated fibre cable assemblies, using the plug-and-play designed modules and  cables, can largely improve the working efficiency, increase cabling density and decrease the total data centre installation  cost. In addition, the factory terminated fibre cable assemblies eliminate the need of fibre optic splicing and provide  higher performance compared with field terminated fibre 

PDU’s – Standard. , Modular and Intelligent 

Busbar – Integrated Systems 

Access Control and AV – Multi-level security systems; Video monitoring and access control; Modern closed-circuit television  (CCTV) camera systems Multi-camera management, digital recording, simultaneous replay, image authentication, enhanced  search functions including intelligent motion detection (Smart Motion Search), and a user-friendly control centre for remote  access.For access control, Red Bear recommends a powerful system solution which operates with hybrid and multi-layer  authentication and offers comprehensive security functions.  

Power Supply – Red Bear offers you robust and reliable solutions for the power supply of your business-critical systems.All  associated electrical equipment components are included in our portfolio of complete solutions for the data centre:  distributors and switching equipment, automatic and static transfer switches (ATS, STS), residual current and overvoltage  protection (FI/LS), bus bar systems and the cabling itself. 

Cooling Systems – Each of our precision solutions integrates seamlessly into the cooling concept chosen by you, whether it is  free, geothermic or solar cooling, with or without raised floor, and with chilled water ( CHW) or with gas ( direct expansion, DX). 

Commissioning Overseeing the project working hand in hand with all of the construction teams to keep the project in  line, in budget and most importantly on time. Commissioning forms one of the most important key parts of any build from  start to completion to handover. Commissioning is the key area where we set the standards for all teams to follow, from  design, to install, testing, setting parameters, QA/QC, documentation, warranties, O&M’s to handover. Commissioning starts  the day mobilization starts, ensuring all of the following are in place and ready for each project.  

Understanding the Scope of works Working alongside both project managers and clients, making sure that the  installation meets all requirements set out in the planning stages of any project. 

Installations Implementing and making sure that the installation teams work and install all components correctly as per  design. 

Testing Implementing and making sure that all test met the requirements set out not only by the venders but within the  scope of works. 

All tests in both M&E, the results will be verified and witnessed by both test and commissioning teams and will form part of  the O&M manuals.