Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. At ASEE we understand that suicide is a difficult issue to address and some people may never fully understand why someone would want to take their own life. However, it is important to know there are things you can do to help prevent it and offer support.
Please look into certain websites like:
for information about helping prevent suicide or if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts yourself, please contact one of the following organisations:
  • Samaritans (Available 24/7) Phone number. 116 123, Email:
  • Your Mental Health (Available 24/7), Text YMH to 50808 – a free and anonymous text support service
  • Aware Support Line (Available Monday to Sunday from 10am – 10pm.) Phone number. 1800 804848, Email:
  • Pieta (Available 24/7) Ph. 1800 247247, Text: HELP to 51444