Last week, Peter McDonald UUJ Mechanical Engineer Student began his placement year at ASEE!

Our Head of Recruitment Sarah Kavanagh BSc MSc questioned Peter on his first week at ASEE

What are you studying at University?
I’m a second year BEng Mechatronic Engineering student at Ulster University.

How has your first week been?
My first week has been really interesting. It’s been good to meet everyone within the company, understand their roles and how they all interlink. It can be daunting at the start coming into a new company and having a lot to learn, especially as a student, but everyone has been really supportive in getting me up to speed in answering any questions I have had.

What is your role?
Junior Mechanical Engineer. I’ll be working alongside the Engineering team, working on various projects, consulting with clients to meet their needs, and ensuring a high standard of work.

What are you hoping to learn/achieve with your placement year?
Getting to put my theory in place as well as dealing with clients and enhancing my interpersonal skills. Getting used to a working engineering environment and learning as much as possible while expanding my skillset to make the most out of placement.

A big welcome Peter, from all the ASEE team. Hope your experience alongside our fantastic engineers is a good one!!