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  • Install of 3 HV sets, Central London

    1 April 2010

    ASEE have won the contract for the installation of 3no. 2000 kVA HV sets, the sets will be containerised and roof mounted. We will also carru out the installation od all associated equipment and plant and all the electrical works as well as extending the fuel system ring to incorporate the 3 new sets. Works carried out on behalf of CTM.
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  • Chiller Replacement

    1 April 2010

    ASEE Start work on the electrical scope for the replacement chiller package at a large data centre in the South of England. We will carry out all the LV & HV cabling and all associated containment and testing and commissioning. Works are being carried out on behalf of Mercury Engineering.
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  • High Profile Development, Central London

    1 December 2009

    ASEE have begun work on this prestigious development, our works here will see us carry out the installation of 2 LV sets and all associated electrical works including the fibre rings. We will also carry out the fuel pipework to our day tanks etc. ASEE are carrying out these works on behalf of FG Wilson.
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  • Installation at New Broadcasting Facility

    6 November 2009

    Our Scope of work here will be to install 1no. 3.8 MVA HV generator complete with all electrical and mechanical services. The generator will will be positioned in the level 3 basement. We will site build 1 no. 130.000 litre bulk fuel tank and install a complete fuel system including daily storage tank, duplex pump system and fuel cooler. Also we will install all the MV, LV and fibre optic systems, and an exhaust flue system that will be installed from the basement to the roof on the 8th floor
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  • Mixed use High Profile development in the City of London

    22 September 2009

    Our works here our to carry out the installation of 4 sets including all the associated electrical works and controls, And also the complete fuel system installation. We have begun our site measures here for our fuel system pipework installation. Works our being carried out on behalf of FG Wilson.
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  • Upgrade of Existing Generators - Central London

    1 September 2009

    We have started work here on our upgrade works to an existing N+1 system. We our undertaking works to improve the running capacity of the sets, by increasing cooling efficiency in the form of improved radiators and pipework. Our works here are now complete and we have some extra variations to complete which shall take around a further 2-3 weeks.
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  • Update - Data Centre - North of England

    31 August 2009

    We have started work here on our installation package, this will see us carry out the installation of 10no. 2.5MVA/1.8MW CTM sets, we will also install the fuel pipework here including the day tanks for these sets. Our installation of the bulk fuel tanks has been completed and work will begin very soon on the building of the inlet and outlet attenuation. Below are some pictures of the bulk tanks installation.
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  • New Data Centre Greater North London Phase 1

    1 July 2009

    New Data Centre Greater North London Phase 1. Main Contractor LOR/Crown House Technology. ASEE Ltd Supply and installation of 130,000Litre underground fuel tanks and Pump chambers to feed mutable 20 Cylinder MTU DRUP Units (Diesel Rotary UPS Units). Below are some of the pictures of the offload and positioning of one of the 130,000 litre tanks.
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  • Multi Hall Data Centre Fit Out - Greater London

    1 July 2009

    We have completed 4 halls here and are currently working on our fifth one at present as well as our ongoing works on the site infrastructure which is being progressed currently. Below are some pictures of common tasks associated with each hall. Installation on behalf of Mercury Engineering Ltd.
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  • Phase 1 of Works at new Data Centre - North Midlands

    18 June 2009

    Our work on Phase 1 of this project will see us supplying and installing 4no. 110,000 litre tanks and 1no. 30,000 litre tank. Some pictures of our delivery and crane off load into position are shown below.
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  • Fuel System Installation - Central London - Update

    1 April 2009

    This work is now fully completed and handed over. We started work here in November and our works here are to remove the existing fuel bulk tanks and fill lines and replace them with new tanks and fill lines from basement level to the 9th floor, the works are moving along very quickly, we have to do this work on two identical buildings. Below are some pictures of our works here to date.
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  • Commencement of Work at Data Centre in Welwyn Garden City

    30 March 2009

    Our work here started in mid May and the works are to install four 2.5MVA 11kv Cummins gensets and build of the sets on site. We also will carry out the fuel pipe lines which will be pipe in pipe welded. There are some pictures below of the offload of one of the containerised sets into position.
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  • ASEE Take Delivery of New Service Vans

    24 February 2009

    ASEE Takes Delivery of New Service Vans, we have taken delivery of 3 new service vans to our fleet. One of these for Greater London works and the other two for our North of England works.
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  • New Contracts

    30 August 2008

    At present we are beginning work on a number of new contracts in the UK. These contracts are just ar an early stage with more updates coming soon. Data Centre in Greater London: Crane offload and position 4 x HV sets to ground level, includes exhaust mounting, HV cabling to link box,Control cable, local fuel connections and discharge air ductwork. We also have another contract starting very soon in the North of England.
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  • Data Facility In Gibraltar

    26 June 2008

    Our Works have now started on a data facility in Gibraltar, container lock-ups, materials and plant sent from our works at Mullaghbawn in mid April and due in Gibraltar on 10th June for site set up on Monday 16th June. Our works here will consist of installation of two LV gen-sets, twin wall pipework on the fill lines, with leak detection and also the installation of overfill alarms at the fill cabinets. Pictures below show our recent factory visit to CTM Generators in Milan to inspect generator
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