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Berkshire Data Centre

Berkshire Data Centre

Location: Berkshire, UK
Project Scope:

Installation of 6 x 3.0 MVA generators complete with all associated fuel tanks and transfer pipe work.

2 x 80,000L double skinned above ground bulk storage tanks, manufactured to BS799 Part 5, with fuel polishing facilities and leak detection provided.

6 x 4000L double skinned generator day tanks, manufactured to BS799 Part 5, with leak detection provided.

2 x Bundedpump kiosks with duty/standby pumps, fuel control panel and leak detection.

We installed a double skinned fully welded fuel transfer system with leak detection monitoring.

2 x Roller shutter door fill points complete with fuel meters, high level alarm units and fuel capacity gauges.

We installed a fully welded water cooling system for 6no generators extending to flow/return/fill/vent lines for the engine jacket and flow/return/fill/vent lines for the after cooler from each generator to the remote radiators.

All welds were subject to 10% NDT.

We also installed all associated generator control cables, attenuation and exhausts/flues.


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